Welcome Ramadan!

Almighty Allah has blessed us once again the month of Ramadan, which possesses the tendency to wash our sins, to wipe away our sorrows and grieves, to pacify our souls and to induce in us the inner peace which we keep missing until we reach this blissful month.

Ramadan has 2 beautiful associations among many others:

  1. Firstly, the book of eternal guidance the Holy Quran was revealed upon our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) in this month.
  2. Secondly, the 30 days of fasting in this month which eventually end up a glorious and auspicious occasion of Eid ul Fitr for Muslims.

This span of 30 days time holds a special quarter in our hearts, it is the time for our inner reflection, for our devotion to God, to earn the salvation for our souls and to exercise superior self control-which is indeed the distinctive element of this month.

Despite having food in our custody and drinkable in our reach, we continue to abstain using these until the Maghreb Azaan is heard, as per the instructions of Islam. This earns us the pleasure of our Lord-the ultimate desire of a believer.

Besides, it holds several other merits; such that, it tempers our patience…it empowers our spirituality…it bolsters our will power… and dominantly it transcends us internally to feel empathy about the poor and the needy people,.. those who remain devoid of the basic food and necessities of life….we get a divine chance to feel their pain.

This empathy, once generated, will lead you to fulfill another beautiful obligation of Islam, i.e. Zakat. Which is, in fact, the charity given to those in need as per the criterion described by teachings of Quran and Hadith.

Besides Zakat, the charity can also be given in the form of Sadaqaat and Khayraat. Extracting thorough benefit of these opportunities, we can draw maximum benefits in this month by giving more and more to the deserving ones. This too will earn us the pleasure of Allah, and a special peace which can easily be felt but can’t be brought to words, it is certainly beyond expression.

Sadaqah holds a broader spectrum. It isn’t just limited to the donation of money or necessary goods, but, it also includes removing an obstacle from the path to ease the track for our people, it also includes to bring a smile on the face of our Muslim brother, it does include to guide the person who has missed his way, it also includes helping an old man to cross a road in a state where he couldn’t cross himself without a support.

One can easily calculate how Ramadan revolutionizes our society and the deep impressions it leaves in our lives.

Indeed, Islam teaches us to perform these goodies throughout the year. In Ramadan, however, the reward for each deed gets multiplied several times, this encourages you to do more in this month to make the most of it!

As it is commonly said,

“Make hay while the sun shines!”

Here I shared these few positives, among the many others, which are readily being offered in this holy month of Ramadan by our Merciful Lord.

Whether you are rich or poor, young or old, man or woman, you will surely be benefited with the benedictions being showered in this month.

With this, I conclude my words. I pray for your best and seek the same from you, and advise you to keep the whole Ummah of our Prophet (Peace be upon Him) in your prayers.

May Allah shower His Blessings upon all of us. Aameen –

Stay blessed,

Admin Desk

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