Just another beautiful morning, got dazzled by the scene!

Not necessarily you travel miles to reach sky rise peaks, snow-capped mountains, green plated fields, singing fountains to nourish your soul with natural beauty, it can be sought in your vicinity many times. In fact, in some cases beauty reaches you, and you get dazzled with such a scene that pops up ahead leaving you breathless.

Same happened with me while I was driving to my workplace, and came to notice the sun rays getting sprinkled through the cloud, spraying the horizon, landing on the surface of the sea and the edge.

Overwhelmed by the scene I came out of my car to get most out of it and to nurture my soul with the glance beyond expression.

Sharing here some of the pics I captured wondering around the spot.

Would have spent hours if it would have been a holiday…

It happened all of a sudden…was just moving as per the schedule and caught up by the scene on the way.

Same happens with everyone in life!

Some of us ignore it, some are least bothered, while some do not notice it. Few are those, who move curiously in hunt of the beauty God has blessed this world, they believe it can assemble any time to stand up for them!!!

If you come across such a scene, do spare a few moments to heal your self internally!

Stay blessed!

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