A Saudi tourist fells prey to selfie, drowns in River Nile

Another victim to the obsessive act that has much changed the course of the attitudes and preferences across the globe. It is none other than the selfie.

People in our times love more to frame a selfie than to measure real feature while being at a picnic site, dinning a favorite à la carte, joining a social gathering or attending a business meeting. It is now being adapted as a norm day by day, laying no tangible benefit.

Even in the past, a load of accidents observed with the victims involved capturing selfies. The subject incident adds up the unfortunate figure.

Where it happened?

The Saudi tourist, according to Arab News, with his friends was on his trip to Kalagala falls, a site located in central Uganda famous for its mesmerizing beauty, where he got slipped during an attempt to capture a selfie.

Caption: Tweet from the Arab News’ official account
Caption: A view of the site (courtesy- Arab news)
Caption: Another view of the site (courtesy- Arab news)

How it happened?

The Saudi national was on a tour on Uganda. He drowned as he was taking a selfie on the River Nile and the water swept him away. The body has been recovered and is taken for the postmortem.” mentions the spokesperson from Uganda police department.

The Police spokesperson continues, ” The tourist slipped because the surface is wet and he had leaned backward to take a selfie of fast running water in the background.

The dead body was reportedly recovered 10 kilometers away from the spot of the incident by the Uganda Police Marine Unit.

Selfie, a growing killer around the world

According to the study carried out by All India Institute of Medical Sciences in 2018, there have been 259 deaths across the globe in the past 6 years. It’s alarming indeed.

Reportedly the majorities of them are from India, then comes Russia, USA and Pakistan descendingly.

A vulnerable increase is of course expected, if not taken the due actions timely to curb the subject act.

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