US reports rejected India’s claim to shoot down Pakistan F-16

“The truth always reveals itself”

Followed by Pulwama attack earlier in Feb this year, the two neighboring countries, Pakistan and India, went nose to nose at a brink of war, which blows out, if, would be a complete doom for the region.

The conflict observed several military engagements, including a famous dogfight between the two air forces which left India with two air crafts destroyed and a pilot captive, tendering no loss to PAF.

This portrays a decisive victory in ‘Aerial warfare’ on Pakistan’s side, a feat praised by several international agencies, including The New York Times.

India, however, declared having shot down a PAF F-16. Despite being failed to provide due evidence, Indian officials stubbornly maintained their claim in their state until the US Foreign Policy report on Thursday revealed their count of Pakistan’s F-16 which found none missing, which means no Pakistan’s F-16 was lost in the mentioned battle. This further endorsed India’s false reporting over war history.

The Lockheed Martin product, F-16, bounds the customer to allow parent country, United States, for regular inspections to ensure they were accounted for and protected, Foreign Policy said.

US reports of rejecting Indian claim deliver a fatal blow to Indian PM Modi’s campaign who crafted the story to reinforce his election campaign for the contests around the corner.

Not limited to F-16 false reporting, India’s fake Balakot seminary bombing story got uncovered when the satellite images over the target area, which India claimed to have bombed heavily, proved the site being untouched for at least a year. These all revelations elucidated the fabricated stories being cast by India in the context of the current scenario.

“Truth always prevails,” Pakistan’s Director General ISPR responded in a Tweet. “Time for India to speak the truth about false claims & actual losses on their side.”

Caption: Snapshot from DGISPR’s official twitter account

With the advent of general elections in India, it is being phrased by Indian opposition as well as International sources that the ongoing crafted war scenario is actually a staged drama being cast to attract the votes for Hindu-nationalist party, BJP.

In efforts to earn the honor for the country, the Indian government cites disgrace and humiliation to their nation through their false reporting and fake propaganda. This leaves enough food for thought for Indians to avoid irrational choice in their upcoming elections.

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