With tears, meet the 2 heroes of New Zealand!

The brutal gunning took place on 15th March is one of the worst reported terrorism of our times.

The whole world mourns over the innocent lives taken by a terrorist group who plotted and broadcast their evil to propagate their heinous crime through social media live streaming. Among the martyrs were people from age 3 to 77 belonging to various nationalities, as per reports.

Indeed all martyrs are highly dignified and well respected. But there are reportedly 2 great personalities, who sacrificed their lives to save the others’.

Husna Ara, the wife of Fareedudin Ahmed

Lady Husna Ara Parveen of 42 age was present reportedly at the female section of mosque Al Noor to perform Friday prayers when the 4 terrorists attacked the mosque.

The moment gunshots were heard, Husna Ara rushed to the male portion of the mosque to look after her handicap husband. She faced the bullets while protecting him and succumbed to wounds at the spot.

The husband of Husna Ara, Fareeduddin Ahmad, is a wheelchair dependent and got his life after his wife sacrificed herself for him and embraced martyrdom.

As reported, the family migrated to New Zealand in 1994. The couple used to offer prayers together every Friday at mosque likewise.

On account of her sacrifice, the great lady Husna Ara Parveen becomes the source of inspiration for the women across the globe.

Naeem Rashid, the father of the martyred Talha Naeem

Naeem Rashid, in 2009 migrated to New Zealand to pursue Ph.D. studies along with his wife and three sons including Talha, who along with his father got martyred in the mentioned cold-blooded barbarism.

On the day of dreadful occurrence, Naeem along with his eldest son, Talha Naeem, who had recently completed his graduation in engineering, went to the mosque for Friday prayer where they fell prey to the terrorist attack.

Reportedly Talha fell the victim of the bullets first, which sparked the father who did his best to engage with the attacker but lost his life too. His sacrifice saved many others from the death row.

Dr. Khursheed Alam, Naeem’s elder brother, mentions in an interview to BBC, “I wish I could die like him, He was a brave person, I’ve heard from people there… there were a few witnesses who said he saved a few lives by trying to stop that guy.”

He added that even though his brother is being hailed as a hero, it is still a shock for them.

“It’s our pride now, but still the loss – it’s like cutting your limb off really,” said Dr. Alam.

Mother of Naeem Rashid, Baidar Aaapa in her 80s, living in her hometown Jinnahabad, appeals the government to arrange her travel to Christchurch for attending the funeral of her son and grandson and to share the shoulder with her grief-stricken family.

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