PM Malaysia Dr. Mahatir Muhammad shall be the Guest of Honor in Pak day parade 2019

Mentions DG ISPR, Maj. General Asif Ghafoor, in his tweet, PM Malaysia Dr. Mahatir Mohammad shall be the guest of honor this year on the day of the parade, scheduled as usual on 23rd March.

Guests include Defense Minister Azerbaijan, Chief of Army Staff Bahrain and government officials from Oman.

Military contingents from Turkey, China, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia & Srilanka shall also be performing in the parade along with Pak forces.

23rd March is regarded as Pakistan Day (یوم پاکستان‎, Yaum-e-Pakistan), the day when the Pakistan resolution was passed in the year 1940, which laid the foundation for the country. It is, therefore, also known as Pakistan Resolution Day.

Besides, the first constitution of Pakistan during the transition of the Dominion of Pakistan to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan was executed on 23 March 1956, shaping Pakistan the world’s first Islamic republic.

Celebrations of the day include a military parade, where contingents from joint forces of Pakistan military perform feats and march through the floor of the parade, saluting the Head of states and the other honorable guests.

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