Satellite images refute the Indian claim of destroying buildings at Balakot

Planet Labs Inc, a San Francisco-based private satellite operator, produces “High-resolution satellite images” showing at least six buildings undeterred on the religious seminary site in Balakot on March 4, which India claims to have bombed on 26th February.

India claims to have destroyed these seminary buildings which they tag to be the training camps of Islamist groups, killing a large number of militants on the site. The claim was, however, weak enough to be retained not only in the International context but also within the house of India, where it sparked a raucous controversy against the government and got flagged as heinous attempt to reinforce their election campaign.

The pictures captured now, are found out to be unchanged from the April 2018 satellite photo of the facility. Not only the building was found untouched, but, the ecosystem in the vicinity is also observed to be the same as before.

This further dims the statements being made over the last eight days by the Indian government regarding the raid they carried out on Feb. 26, having hit all the intended targets at the madrasa site near Jaba village and the town of Balakot in Pakistan.

India’s foreign and defense ministries, being questioned for last few days regarding the official statements they have issued over their supposedly committed aerial strike, are yet not able to answer.

The Aerial strike

Official disclosure of the weapons being used in strike is yet not disclosed, however.

Reuters, a UK based International news agency, on behalf of the information being collected by Indian government sources, mention last week that 12 Mirage 2000 jets carrying 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs) bombs were inducted in the attack.

Besides, 2,000-lb Israeli-made SPICE 2000 glide bomb was used in the strike, a warhead meant to shred any concrete shelter on its target.

“If the strike had been successful, given the information we have about what kind of munitions were used, I would expect to see signs that the buildings had been damaged, I just don’t see that here.”, mentions Lewis, a senior research associate at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation studies who analyses satellite images.

Absolutely no casualty, except a crow

Pakistan rejected the claim, where the PAF jets got scrambled at the very moment of Indian incursion and made them flee, unperformed.

“There has been no damage to any infrastructure or human life as a result of Indian incursion,” a statement issued by Director General ISPR, Major General Asif Ghafoor.

For a speedy return, on their way back, IAF jets dropped their payload hastily, which got landed in the forest of Jabba village, destroying 4 trees.

The site was then visited by both; the local as well as the International media reporters. Having interviewed a local in their visits by Reuters, the statement reserved that there was no casualty, except some pine trees and a crow!

Politics on fire!

With the advent of general elections in India, it is being phrased by Indian opposition as well as International sources that the ongoing crafted war scenario is actually a staged drama being cast to attract the votes for Hindu-nationalist party, BJP.

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