Pakistan Navy thwarts attempt by Indian submarine to enter Paksitani waters

Since 2016, its the second attempt by an Indian submarine to enter Pakistani waters.

The Pakistan Navy used its specialized skills to ward off the submarine, successfully keeping it from entering Pakistani waters,” mentions Navy’s spokesperson.

Equipped with modern technology, Indian submarine’s detection by Pakistan Navy depicts their loss, indeed.

Despite being capable, in complete compliance with the peace initiative by the government, Pak Navy did not target the submarine, as per the spokesperson’s statement.

In the wake of ongoing conflict which got initiated by Indians as a result of Pulwama attack, the two countries went nose to nose at a brink of war, which blows out, if, would be a complete doom for the region.

Like today’s attempt to cross maritime border, an aerial incursion was carried out last week when some Mirage 2000 Indian jets intruded in Pakistan’s territory on 26th Feb, committing a major LOC violation, prompting Pakistan to respond likewise the next day, eventually entering a dog fight that earned the heed globally.

The dog fight left India with two air crafts destroyed and a pilot captive, tendering no loss to PAF.

This portrayed a decisive victory in ‘Aerial warfare’.

The New York Times’ report states the condition of Indian military equipment: “India’s armed forces are in alarming shape. If intense warfare broke out tomorrow, India could supply its troops with only 10 days of ammunition, according to government estimates. And 68 percent of the army’s equipment is so old, it is officially considered ‘vintage.'”

The same is being highlighted in the Indian parliament. Their military holds incapability to wage a full-fledged war and to withstand the aftermaths.

Our troops lack modern equipment, but they have to conduct 21st-century military operations,” says Gaurav Gogoi, a lawmaker and member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defense.

Understood that these parameters aren’t hidden from the ruling class in the country. The undesirable war hysteria, if continues still, endorses the political aims to be reached, dragging the whole Indian nation to the worst catastrophe of the modern times, possibly.

War is not in the interest of both countries. We see one side, Pakistan, pushing forward peace gesture on multiple occasion, the response shall be affirmative from the other side as well, for the sake of peace and prosperity.


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