The New York Times praises Pakistan Air force against India’s

In the wake of ongoing conflict which got initiated by Indians as a result of Pulwama attack, the two countries went nose to nose at a brink of war, which blows out, if, would be a complete doom for the region.

Some Mirage 2000 Indian jets intruded in Pakistan’s territory on 26th Feb, committing a major LOC violation, prompting Pakistan to respond likewise the next day, eventually entering a dog fight that earned the heed globally.

The dog fight left India with two air crafts destroyed and a pilot captive, tendering no loss to PAF.

This portrays a decisive victory in ‘Aerial warfare’.

Same was being praised by America’s “The New York Times”, issuing a detailed report, appreciating PAF and identifying the loopholes in the Indian columns despite being trained heavily by the US.

Caption: Screen short from NY Times.

The report mentions: “It was an inauspicious moment for the military the United States is banking on to help keep an expanding China in check.

An Indian Air Force pilot found himself in a dogfight last week with a warplane from the Pakistani Air Force and ended up a prisoner behind enemy lines for a brief time.

The pilot made it home in one piece, however, bruised and shaken, but the plane, an aging Soviet-era MiG-21, was less lucky.

The aerial clash, the first by the South Asian rivals in nearly five decades, was a rare test for the Indian military — and it left observers a bit dumbfounded. While the challenges faced by India’s armed forces are no secret, its loss of a plane last week to a country whose military is about half the size and receives a quarter of the funding was still telling.”

These words substantially outclass Pakistan’s military status over India’s. Noticeable is, that the words came from a country to whom India serves as a key ally, probably the only shield against China’s growth in the South Asian region.

The report continues: “India’s armed forces are in alarming shape. If intense warfare broke out tomorrow, India could supply its troops with only 10 days of ammunition, according to government estimates. And 68 percent of the army’s equipment is so old, it is officially considered ‘vintage.'”

The same is being highlighted in the Indian parliament. Their military holds incapability to wage a full-fledged war and to withstand the aftermaths.

Our troops lack modern equipment, but they have to conduct 21st-century military operations,” says Gaurav Gogoi, a lawmaker and member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defense.

Understood that these parameters aren’t hidden from the ruling class in the country. The undesirable war hysteria, if continues still, endorses the political aims to be reached, dragging the whole Indian nation to the worst catastrophe of the modern times, possibly.

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  1. The Indian military mindset post this episode has been shaken to the cores.
    Indian armed forces will now think thrice before getting in an aerial fight, however the propagandists in India were able to maneuver all the shame in to pride by claiming false crash of f16 where only if 17 thunders were used
    , it appears that the war hysteria among masses in India will continue , the main purpose for which is to marginalize minorities and make the anti Congress sentiment to prevail in order for to get the BJP as winners in the upcoming elections

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