Sharp U-turn by India’s Union Minister of state, saying ‘Air strikes were meant to warn, not kill.’

The Wisdom Tribune

The truth unveiled!!!

Amid questions being asked for the casualties in numbers occurred due to IAF’s strike in Pakistan, Union minister of state, electronic and IT, now marks differently, says: “The strikes were meant to scare and warn and not to take human lives.”

India earlier, along with her PM Modi, celebrated on February 26, the whole day, claiming an achievement by intruding deep in Pakistan, reaching Balakot (KPK) and destroying biggest terrorists’ camps, killing 300 to 350 terrorists. Further, they claimed that their jets stayed for 21 mins in Pakistan’s air space.

Both of these claims, from the very beginning, lacked concrete evidence. The issue ignited a sharp argument between the different factions of the Indian government and opposition. The parliament continues to demand tangible proves to validate the claim, which IAF or Modi is unable to provide yet.

“Neither Prime Minister Narendra Modi nor BJP chief Amit Shah…

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