Does Indian pilot Abhinandan really take a U-turn, misquotes Pak army’s treatment?

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman has reportedly told the Indian Air Force authorities that though he was not physically tortured by the Pakistanis during the time he was in their custody, but he was made to go through a lot of mental harassment,mentions Hindustan Times.

In the wake of several lies being pushed forward by Indian media, no wonder if this could also be one of those.

The pilot was chasing PAF jets where he violated LOC and entered Pakistan’s territory which made PAF ensure safety measures and shot down his plane, MiG 21.

Thereupon, he ejected and landed in a valley where got surrounded by the angry mob but got saved by Pakistan army’s officials who took him for immediate medical treatment. Abhinandan, later, was dealt in line with the Geneva convention, as he appears in a video enjoying his cup of tea and friendly answering the questions of military officials.

Showing a peace gesture, PM Imran Khan decided to release him the very next day and the decision got executed one day onward. This concluded a stay of 50 hours for Abhinandan in Pakistan.

At the time of his departure, he reappears on a video, praising the treatment he received from the Pak army and admitting their professionalism.

This, however, became an iconic example of peace by releasing the captive pilot just for the sake of peace.

Much unfortunate on the other side, where Indian politicians and their media continues to exaggerate the situation.

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