India continues to violate LOC, 1 dead and 3 injured as a result in AJK

India prefers violence over Pakistan’s peace offer.

As a result of ruthless shelling by Indian troops across LOC, a teenager died and 3 got injured. Casualties occurred in Kotli district where LOC remained calm in the morning but got en-flamed in afternoon when Indians resorted to heavy mortar and artillery shelling.

“The shelling was so intense that two to three mortar shells also fell in the main market of tehsil headquarters Nakyal,” said Dr Umer Azam, the deputy commissioner of Kotli.

Earlier, the expectation followed by the release of Indian captive pilot was a gentle pause to current tensions across the LOC but India has taken a different course, neglecting the peace gesture shown by Pakistan.

This aggression, which appears to be a part of Indian BJP’s election campaign to many analysts, seems to prolong, as Modi, Indian PM, refuses all requests for peaceful dialogues he received from his neighbor.

Any war between Pakistan and India, both being Nuclear powers, can deteriorate the peace of region for good. At this stage, while being capable to retaliate, Pakistan prefers peace, taking all the steps in reach by the governing bodies, be it military or elected government.

The strategy Pakistan adapted for the regional peace has been lauded across the globe except the very neighbor, India, who considered these offers as Pakistan’s weaknesses.

Release of their pilot was taken by their media as an outcome of pressure India exerted on Pakistan, a perspective that earns regrets from all the corners of the world.

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