Releasing Indian pilot is taken as Pakistan’s weakness in India

Nonsense continues to emanate from the Indian media.

Despite of several offers for peace being offered by Pakistan, India has continued to respond ruthlessly. Each and every option for peace is not treated but with aggression.

Moving ahead to reinforce the regional peace, PM Khan decides to release the Indian pilot who got captured by Pak army a day ago, as a gesture of peace, a step which was expected to be taken as good chance to follow peace.

But in India, it is taken as a step taken under pressure from the India’s aggression. Many news portals found illustrating that “Pakistan succumbs to Indian pressure”.

As PM Khan rightly mentions in the today’s session “it is unfortunate that Indian media is also adding fuel to the fire by creating war hysteria.”

Where one side is extending hands for peace beyond its limits, the other sides enjoys the ecstasy of war. This all is nothing, but a part of Modi’s campaign to secure the elections. And for this, he is ready to en-risk his national interest and the country’s peace.

India, a country having third highest number of population living in extreme poverty, is not in the state to afford any misadventure too.

This is what the ruling class is neglecting or purposely ignoring to bolster their vote banks.

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