Indian aircrafts entered Muzaffarabad’s region, faced PAF’s timely response, returns back

Confirms DG ISPR via his twitter account the intrusion of Indian military aircrafts in Muzaffarabad sector met by timely and effective response from PAF. The aircrafts got compelled to return back. No damage or casualities observed.

Payload of hastily escaping Indian aircrafts fell in open.”, says DG ISPR.

The details, however, are to be followed with regards to the mentioned LOC violation and shall be updated here.

It started with a suicidal attack on an Indian convoy in Pulwama region of IHK, leading to the death of 40 Indian military persons.

Blaming Pakistan, India initiates to exhibit violant reaction, yet not able to provide any tangible proof of the claim.

Pakistan, on the other hand, offers a peaceful dialouge, pushing forward an option of detailed investigation, if provided with an actionable evidence which India fails to do so.

Reports are being surfaced across the social media regarding the Indian military pondering its heavy military equipments and armoured divison close to LOC.

The current intrusion confirms the Indian aggression despite of the peaceful offers from Pakistan.

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