Saudi Crown Prince orders the release of 2107 Pakistani prisoners

Announces PM Khan via his twitter the great news a kind of which has never been heard before.

Pakistani premier Imran Khan at the honorary dinner to welcome the crown prince at PM House on Sunday night had made a “special request” to MBS to consider the hardships being faced by Pakistani labourers working in the kingdom, and said to “look upon them as your own people”.

“There are some 3,000 [Pakistani] prisoners there and we just would like you to bear in mind that they are poor people who have left their families behind,” mentioned IK.

His request was answered affirmatively with historical words delivered by MBS , “We cannot say no to Pakistan … whatever we can do, we will deliver that.”

Not a complete day passes, and His highness issues the order to release Pakistani prisoners.

Its indeed a great move and deserves to be appreciated at all the levels. Highly commendable initiative by both the leaders, IK and MBS.


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