Saudia reduces visit visa fees for Pakis!

Finally it is done.

As confirmed by Pakistan’s embassy through twitter account, Saudi Arabia reduces the visit visa fees for Pakistanis. What is SAR: 2,000/ shall be reduced to to 338/ SAR . This is for single entry, where as multiple visa fee will be 675 SAR.

News have been circulating on social media for months but wasn’t confirmed by any authentic source till yesterday. The time frame, however, for the impelmentation of the decision has yet not been indicated.

The decision brings happiness and joys among the Pakistanis and shall benefit the huge Pakistani expat community in Saudia to bring in their families to visit Kingdom.

On the other hand, Saudia shall be having a viable leverage in its commodities. Traffic coming in to the Kingdom will surely bring more business to FMCG, Real Estate, transportation, and food sector. Moreover, the SBUs (Small Business Units) being operated in the local market shall equally draw a handsome share of benefit from the families visiting the Kingdom.

This way, the subject move shall earn a win win situation for both the countries; Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


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