Beauty and the Beach

So here we go with the beaches…. all-time beauty icons on earth.

When we talk about these; names like Maldives, South Africa, Langkawi, Mauritius pop up in our minds…. but when you say ‘Arabia’…..picture of a wild barren desert covers the screen of your head…he he…

Well…. for beaches…. it’s wrong!

Sharing with you a remarkable beauty from my travel log ….So beach lovers!!!  Hold your breath!

Ras Tanura

Located in the Eastern province Of Saudi Arabia, Ras Tanura, a small city, famous for Saudi Aramco related activities, holds a population of 75,000 approx.

The Beach

Such a lovely place it is!!!

Despite being there for many times, my every visit induces in me a new spirit. Dawn on the beach offers you peace of its own kind. The cool breeze brings you the freshness beyond expression.

People from nearby cities flock upon this beach on weekends and holidays. In spite of being far from the city, people love to come here to spend their leisure and to earn the cool of beautiful turquoises it possesses.

What attracts the first glance is its crystal clear water, which enables you to enjoy the maneuver of tiny sea creatures across the coastline.

The sea offers you the ultimate natural beauty. You can be lucky, like me, getting a chance to see the heart touching activities of marine life.

Was holding myself in the cold once…avoiding the depth, staying on the edge to hold my daughter tight, suddenly heard my friend screaming “Hey…look over there…what’s going on??” pointing out his finger….after an effort of few seconds to figure out where he meant to see…what I saw was beyond explanation….it was a hoard of fishes having their ‘triangles’ above the sea, attracting us to enjoy their beauty. They were moving randomly in a direction towards the coast….and at the same time…forming a vortex, but as a group, their course was towards the coast.

I informed the family to beware of them….in case they are oblivious of the scene…..there could be a minor threat, possibly if they are small sharks (that’s what appeared from their upper triangles).

The scene was splendid… a few minutes later, they changed their vector towards the deep and very soon disappeared.

The coastline along the Eastern province is generally termed as wave-less because of being a gulf in nature…But…Ras Tanura offers you the wavy scent, which the tourists from South Asia miss a lot.

The beach is basically divided into three formats.

The first one holds a cornice style green belt. You can easily hold a camp with your family and can enjoy the farsighted beauty of the scene. The children will be having access to their play area. There is a mosque in the center of the portion and washrooms are available nearby so that prayers can easily be offered likewise. It is prohibited to swim in this portion. Fishing is a common hobby over here and you will find many fishers getting the bounties from the sea.

The second portion holds a semi cornice site; that enables you to access the sea water and to have the green as well. To access the sea water, you have to walk through a rocky portion. This portion prohibits to swim too.

Restrooms are easily accessible over here, and the play area is also in the vicinity for kids.

The third portion is a conventional beach with a muddy area, enabling you to enjoy sand games like a volley ball. The sea here is allowed for swimming…so boys…bring your goggles…to jump in!!!

As a whole…I love this place….it takes one hour for me to reach here….and have visited many times….especially the Friday morning…..the fresh cool breeze and the loneliness over there transforms my mind from the metropolis life to the natural beauty created by Allah SWT.

Beautiful birds can be seen, the species of which are not found in the metropolis.

Bring plenty of water and eatables with you, there is a shortage of these two facilities over there….Like I said earlier, it’s a bit far from the city…it could be severely annoying for you without having enough food and water.

I recommend you to visit in the period from October to March, as from April the weather turns to hot. Especially in July, Aug and September, when the humidity intensifies, and you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the perk.

Besides, avoid going at night, since the beach is quite far from the city and the track keeps you alone on the road.

Stay blessed!!!

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