Solving the riddle:’more experienced’

We get disillusioned with the idea of being more experienced, especially when approaching a new job vacancy demanding more years of ‘experience‘ . Most of us take it as a demand for more knowledge of ‘what to do?‘ in your job…….

Okay, but not limited to it…. in fact… it is more related to the knowledge about what ‘NOT to do….

Let me elaborate………the information about ‘what to do‘ in a job is something we learn in a very early phase of our job and then we exercise the same to augment it likewise. But as we move with it….we do commit many ‘mistakes‘ which we count down as something ‘NOT to do‘ in future.

So…when we move on and on and on….we have more ‘mistakes‘ delivering us more knowledge of  what ‘Not to do‘…And it really takes time to learn it

In reality, the employers seeking an individual with more experienced are basically hunting someone more knowledgeable about ‘Not to do‘ so as to ensure the job with less ‘mistakes‘.

So, in my opinion, as mentioned above…more experienced person is the one with more ‘mistakes‘ having more knowledge about ‘NOT to do’……

With this all,…….. don’t forget:

It’s not a mistake to make a mistake, but it’s a mistake to repeat the same mistake”.

So, be courageous to be more ‘experienced’.

Stay blessed,

Admin Desk

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