Letter from Heaven to Sahiwal!

Dear Umair, Muniba, and Hadia,

O, beloved children! Don’t be sad about whatever happened last Saturday. We know you are grief-stricken for having seen your parents killed so brutally.

You must know…you are not alone my children, you are not alone!

Allah SWT is with you. He will protect you, will take care of all your needs. He is with You….and will remain on your side…that’s what He says himself….that He is on the side of the oppressed ones…..don’t you feel sad, o children!

And, the whole nation stands by your side…..don’t be sad, o children!

If at any point you feel that there is no one out there to share shoulder with you, to wipe your tears, to pacify you…remember, how our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was left alone by his own people, how harshly he was treated on the streets of Taif. If you fear darkness, remember the case of Bibi Hajra (mother of Syedena Ismail A.S), how hard she spent the dark night in the remote desiccated valley, how Prophet Yunus (A.S) stayed in the stomach of a giant fish for days and nights. If your mind recollects the memories of our cold-blooded murder…remember how Hazrat Uthman Ghani, Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Hussain (and his noble family members) were murdered mercilessly….now, you have many resemblances with these blessed personalities…..continue to resemble yourself with these chosen ones through your deeds throughout your life. We are going to meet soon….very soon….as Allah SWT mentions in the Quran, that Qiyamat (day of judgment) is very near.

Don’t you worry about justice, it shall surely be done…..the oppressors are one nation, may it be Namrud, Phiroun, Gengis, Hulagu or whoever…..every cruel shall meet his fate, it’s destined for him….if not here, in here-after, for sure….where justice is not available for sale.

Don’t worry about us, we are fine, living at a place beyond imagination. Take good care of yourselves, get well soon. Umair (at the age of 9) has to play a parental role now, we are sure he will do what so ever is possible to look after you all.

Whenever you recall our memories, pray for us and for yourselves too…

Love to all of you!!!

From your parents.

(Martyred on 19th Jan 2019)

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