This sweetener is ‘OK’ for diabetes and weight loss!

Yeah, it’s true……you can use it for both of these situations.

Sharing with you my own weight loss story when I was passing through Ketogenic diet (shortly called as Keto diet) people familiar with it know how hard you sacrifice your taste to gain the promised results, rapid weight loss.


The answer needs immense details and is not the topic of discussion today, shall be framed in later posts, as keto diet needs an exclusive explanation. The only sweetener I was allowed to use in the keto diet was ‘Steviana’, a stevia leaf extract.

Steviana sweetener

In Keto, we are to maintain our carbs level maximum by 20 gm/day. Sweeteners made from starch or any similar source may not let you stay in the limit. This is the first point, the second point is that each sweetener, except stevia extract, does have a certain level of calories in it, which limits the use in weight loss regimes. Sweet lovers, like me, mostly fail to reduce weight for not being able to limit their carbs.


Don’t lose hope. Being remarkably low in calories (6 cal. in a sachet of 2.5 gm) and carrying a negligible portion of carbs (0 gm carbs in 1 sachet), Steviana can easily be used. (I am not its brand ambassador…by the way…I used it for being available readily in my vicinity. You can take any stevia-based sweetener of your preference.)

Core ingredient is stevia leaf, which is a herbal source.

Have got it confirmed from a senior diabetologist that it is fairly safe to be consumed by diabetic patients.

But be careful of the taste, sweetness of one tea spoon steviana (or a sachet) is equal to 2 tea spoons of white sugar (or even more).

Steviana (or any other stevia sweetener) can be used with tea, coffee, and even in sweet dishes. Recently we prepared a south asian sweet dish “Gajar ka halwa” {Urdu: گاجر کا حلوہ ; English: carrot based sweet dessert} using the same and it delivered outstanding taste.

 Carrot-based sweet dessert  (گاجر کا حلوہ)

As shown in the previous photo, this sweetener is easily available in sachets; besides, you can find it in powder bottles. I keep 02 sachets with me all the time, even at my work place, so that when ever I need to take tea (or coffee) I can comfortably use them instead of sugar.

That’s all from my side. Wishing you a wonderful health.

Stay blessed,

Admin desk

Note: I shared what I experienced, getting it confirmed from doctors, for the general benefit of public. Still, you are advised to consult your doctor before you start, especially in case of diabetes.


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