Jawatha Masjid

Was waiting desperately to see this mosque since the day I heard about it.

Board by “Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiques“.

Established in the 7th year of Hijrah, Jawataha masjid is considered to be the first mosque to hold Friday prayers outside Madinah Munawwrah.

In the period mentioned above, residents of Bani Hajjar tribe (used to dwell in Al Ahsa region those days) visited Madinah Munawwarah and got blessed by Islam on the hands of our beloved Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم
These Companions , upon their return, laid the foundation of this mosque in their hometown.

This way, the mosque holds golden memories of Sahabah رضوان اللہ علیهم اجمعین
The place is one of its own kind. Spirituality emanates from every corner of this mosque.

Today, the area is known as Kulaibyah town, Al Hasa region. It comes before the city of Hufoof if approached from Dammam/ Khobar. Kulaibyah is extremely low in population, the mosque itself lies on the edge of the town, a portion where there is no other site in the vicinity (I visited around 2 years back, I expect some of the development might have been done in that region now).

The existing structure of the mosque doesn’t seem to be the first structure , but still its quiet old, couple of centuries may be (or more). The walls and roof were made up of clay, as per the tradition of that region. Doors are made up of heavy wood and crafted as per the old tradition and culture.

The mosque as a whole is an antique piece of a classic building; now, however, it has been equipped with electricity and modern-day light accessories.

Inside the mosque, chairs and other necessary items give clear signs of regular prayers during working days, maybe by the labor and working staff for the various projects in the town of Kulaibyah.

If you are to visit the eastern province, don’t miss your chance to see it.

Wishing you a memorable trip.

Stay blessed!

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