New hope for Pakistani traders in Jeddah, KSA

Having arranged a Saudi-Pakistan trade mission, Saudi Export Development Authority (SEDA) opens new door for the local Pakistani exporters to nurture their trade by exporting Saudi products to Pakistan.

As confirmed by Arab news; 30 Pakistani and 86 Saudi food and construction companies joined the trade mission. In the wake of KSA’s non oil export boost, this is indeed a tangible move towards the development of new market for Saudi products in Pakistan, gaining win win situation for the two nations.

Having developed a strong base in Pakistan, SEDA seeks to penetrate into the Central Asian market.

The meeting was attended by the Secretary General of SEDA, Saleh Al-Sulami and Deputy Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, Abdul Aziz Al-Abdul Karim.

The mission further augments the achievement of VISION 2030, where the major share of the Kingdom’s economy shall rely on non oil sources.

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