How I reduced weight using honey and hot water?

Demerits of obesity are being confessed across the globe. Even then, we find it too difficult to reduce it. Burdensome diet plans, packed schedules, love for food and many other similar reasons keep us apart.

Sharing with you my own experience, how I got it reduced using hot water and honey. It happened inadvertently, by the way, I was consuming hot water with honey as a cure to throat irritation (used to happen in the morning, as a result of sinus problem) and the weight got reduced on its own.

Having drunk this for more than a month regularly, I ended up with throat relief, besides…a visible reduction in weight. Amazingly, I didn’t notice myself that it is happening as a side effect to something I am consuming for an entirely different purpose. سبحان اللہ.

Came to know only when my classmates started appreciating for having reduced extra fats around my waste. To me, it was a complete surprise. I did not believe it at first, neither had I kept a check on weight before/after using this drink.

Having realized that it has happened somehow, I started digging up the reasons behind and ended up with some practices I used to adopt those days:

  1. Drinking hot water (300 ml) with honey (1tbsp) early in the morning, before fajr prayers prior to any other food or drink.
  2. Was avoiding junk food those days, because of the throat irritation I was facing, could be exaggerated sue to these types of meal.
  3. Was avoiding all sort of cold drinks (even the cold water), again, a strong preventive to throat irritation

These were, I believe, the major causes which resulted in a noticeable weight reduction.

Lemon and ginger, if added, may serve as a catalyst. However, the lemon can harm you if you are having a throat irritation. Lemon and ginger, if added, may serve as catalyst. However, the lemon can harm you if you are having throat irritation.

Honey and hot water

Allah SWT has kept innumerable benefits in these things. I pray, may Allah bless us His complete blessings and barakat to make the most out of these bounties.

Stay blessed,


Note: I shared what I experienced, for the benefit of people. However, you are still advised to consult your doctor before you start.

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