The Well Of Rauha

Our Beloved Prophet ﷺ says “Seventy messengers of Allah SWT walked by the spot ‘Rauha’ for pilgrimiage of ‘Bait ullah’. These messengers were wearing sheets and Moosa the messenger of Allah was also among them.” (Saheeh At Targheeb wat tarheeb Albani: 1128)

While planning to visit ‘Badr’ during our stay at Madinah Munawwarah; decided to see another holy spot, name Rauha, a place around 35* km from Madinah Munawwarah in an unpopulated region on the same route.

Rauha, the blessed spot.

The name “Rauha” is derived from the Arabic word “Rahah راحۃ”, which means ‘rest’. It is chronicled that centuries ago, a king from Yemen passed by and stayed here for rest, it is from there the place got the name “Rauha” (روحاء).  And Allah knows the best!

The place is famous for Bir’ Rauha. ‘Bir Rauha ‘is an English roman of Arabic word ‘روحاء بئر ‘which means the well of Rauha.

The well of Rauha

Rauha is famous for its various holy accounts. It is being mentioned in many Hadiths on different occasions and at numerous places. Sharing here few of them…

It is reported that on the way to Badr, our Prophet (ﷺ) stopped at the site of ‘Rauha’ and addressed Sahabah. And many Sahabah addressed the army as well, displaying their oath to fight with utmost valor and courage. (Mentioned in “Seerat e Mustafa” , by Shaikh Idrees Kandhalvi r.e).

Another narration, our Prophet came across a caravan at ‘Ar-Rauha’ and asked who the people in the caravan were. They replied that they were Muslims. They asked: “Who are you?” He () said, “I am the Messenger of Allah.” Then a woman lifted up a boy to him and asked: “Would this child be credited with having performed the Hajj (pilgrimage)?” Whereupon He (ﷺ) said, “Yes, and you will have a reward.” [Sahih Muslim].

Mountains in the vicinity of Rauha.

Those days, the caravans used to stay preferably at the sites accessible to some water source. As our Beloved Prophet stayed over there, it is believed that he must have consumed the water from this well. So, this further elevates the status of the well itself.

So…while we were about to move, came to know that there is no fuel station available on the route till Badr. So, the fuel tank needs to be filled before leaving Madinah Munawwarah.

Accompanied by another family, our caravan, comprised of 2 cars, decided to go early in the morning so that the day can further be utilized for “Badr” likewise. The route was tracked via GOOGLE MAP, however, it can also be traced by a simple guide, you just need to be careful for one cross arriving after approx. 35 km onward from Madinah Munawwarah.

We reached the spot easily, and found it crowded. Many people were there for ‘ziyarat’. There was a superb feeling of an inner peace which can easily be felt but can’t be expressed in words. You will feel an internal affection for the spot.

The black pipe descending inside the well is the suction line connected via pump to pull out the water from the well.
A close look inside the well.

Well’ was easily accessible for all. The safety metallic grill on the top of the well makes it safe to look inside this blissful spot. To make the water easily available, an unknown kind person has done a much appreciated job by developing a pumping setup and supporting it with several taps enabling many people to fill the water at the same time. Further to that, he added a refrigeration system to keep the water cool in a reservoir where water is stored after being pumped from the well. Besides, a tap for water at normal temperature was also available. May Allah bless him for his wonderful favor.

You will find some local Arabs selling empty plastic bottles of 5 or 10 L to fill and carry the water. I found it quiet helpful. Also, they were offering a very interesting (for me it was) stuff. They called it ‘Bilisan’. Over there, it was much cheaper as compared to its normal rates for which it is available in the market. Moreover, bilisan is a special gift of Allah SWT to this beautiful region of Badr (and Rauha as well, being in the same vicinity). It’s a kind of glue, which grows from specific trees available in the desert region of Badr. It has numerous benefits, including the cure of Asthma. But, the quality of the product is definitely questionable, because there are many reported cases of ordinary pine oil mixing with the original bilisan, decreasing the ratio of bilisan in the mixture thus reducing the effectiveness. I purchased a small bottle of 14 ml, and found it useful. Besides, some of them were offering miswaak and honey, which appeared to be taken in the vicinity of that holy place.

It was indeed a great blessing of Allah SWT for having us seen this sacred spot, which is indeed one of its own kind. One reaches there, can imagine with utmost ecstasy, the arrival of 70 messengers of Allah at this venture, the camp of our beloved Prophet ﷺ, faithful speeches by Sahabah (May Allah be pleased with them)……what a blessing it is to visit the place. May Allah bless us more and more to keep visiting Makkah Mukarramah and Madinah Munawwarah again and again throughout the life with highest level of faith and with complete aafyat. Aameen.

That’s the end of our trip to “Rauha”.
Here we go now, everyone….please jump in—gearing up for BADR!.

Stay blessed!

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